Mörwald Winery

Experience wine in Feuersbrunn am Wagram.

We welcome you to Mörwald Winery!
In addition to general information about our winery our website provides information about available vintages and wine as well as current events and festivities.
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“For me it’s not work, but my hobby. Spend your time doing what you love.”
Erhard Mörwald
“For me my work means love and life with wine and fulfilling my duties with heart and soul.”
Angelika Mörwald
“Working in the family business means that even at work you are surrounded by the people who are the most important to you.”
Moni Mörwald
“The best job for me is not just producing wine but also quality control (a little drink now and then).”
Martin Mörwald
“Since childhood my favorite things have been tractors and spending time outdoors. So I have been able to make my passion my job.”
“People are always asking, ‘Are you the daughter?’ to which I reply, ‘I’m not related to anyone but I’m allowed to work here anyway.’”
The Winery
60 Years of Tradition

We are proud to have been a family run winery for four generations. Our top priorities are a family atmosphere amongst our staff and personal contact with our guests.

The Wines
Personal and Down-to-Earth

Our wine selection is divided into three categories. There is something for everyone, from the light and fresh “Leichtsinn” or the characteristic “Classic” to the mature, strong “Malachit”.